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An Overpower fan’s work is never done. There is so much more that can be achieved with the collective minds of the Overpower fans out there, like play testing, creating future revisions, compiling a definitive rule book and even competing in Tournaments with real cash prizes. If you are interested in propagating the Power Balance movement, why not become part of the Power Balance Overpower Legion? We need YOU to be part of it, because your input is invaluable! If you want to be part of the Legion, send an e-mail to

Analysing the game through calculations of chance and probability is one thing, but the only way to see if the mathematics and statistics is valid is through extensive play testing. Just like all successful and well balanced games out there, they didn’t get to that stage with their first release. It takes the input of the community and several revisions to get it right. Likewise with Power Balance, extensive play testing could help identify holes within the current system, and the collective feedback from Overpower fans could really make this one of the most well-balanced and well-rounded card games available. Isn’t that the recognition Overpower deserves?

There are still things in Overpower that could be improved. Firstly, there are cards in Overpower which are still useless and won’t see the light of day. This includes Basic Universe cards and Training cards which provide virtually no benefit to a deck. Aspect cards can only be used with Homebase teams, giving them very little opportunity to actually be used. Some Special card types are also completely useless of far too overpowered (Vertigo, we’re looking at you!). With the combined brainstorming ability of the Overpower community, it would be possible to introduce new rules for play of these cards, to allow them to be used competitively. Imagine if the Overpower community managed to find a way to balance all these issues – so many more cards would then be seen in play, giving Overpower so many more dimensions and creating a new level complexity/intricacy! How good would that be?

Secondly, there are still cards that are effectively “missing” that could be introduced to make the game feel more complete. These include the Characters listed on the Image Location cards (Ballistic, Cy-Gor, Spartan and Voodoo), Aspect cards for Location cards that don’t have them, Special cards for the Characters that have only one, Marvel style Basic Universe and Training cards for the Intellect Power type, and the list goes on. Having all these cards available would really finally give Overpower a feeling of completeness.

Are you interested in helping to create the next revision of Power Balance? With YOUR help, another expansion could be released, to introduce new cards into the fray and new rules for their usage!

Overpower has also always been rife with interpretation errors. Terminology has always been an issue in Overpower. For example, is it clear what the definition of a “battle” is? Is it the whole series of events from drawing cards and discarding duplicates up to and including determining the venture winner, or is it just the period of time when players make offensive and defensive actions? Other terminology that is often confused is “sorting through” versus “looking through” a deck. Likewise, the definitions of “on the table”, “in play” and “active” is often very confusing.

There is always so much confusion about the way in which Special cards are played. Even more complicated is how they interact with Inherent Abilities and Event cards. For starters, a very basic outline of the exact timing and mechanism of Special card effects, including the target of effect and duration should be clearly shown out.

For example, when a Special card is played by a Player during their Offensive Action phase, there is no immediate effect and just acts as a Special card. When it becomes the Defensive Action phase for the opponent, it still only functions as a Special card with no effect until it is clear whether the Opponent is able to negate the card. Only after the Opponent is unable to negate the card does the description on the card actually take effect (e.g. Acts as a Level 7 Fighting attack). At this point, the Opponent is able to mount a defense. This shows that for all Defensive Action phases, there are clearly two parts to it - a “negate” phase, then “reaction to effect” phase. Sometimes, if the effect is a non-numerical attack, the actual description on the card doesn’t actually take effect until after it connects, which is also another area of confusion. All this really needs to be written out for clarity.

An attempt to start on this project has already been started (can be downloaded here), which would be ideally printed properly with a hard cover upon completion. It would be great to have the collective minds working on this and compiling a definitive rule book.

Holding tournaments with real cash prizes would be a great way to reward the continuing interest of Overpower fans for this dated card game. Using new cards and new rules could help to reignite the interest of old collectors and get them to start playing again. Or, in an ideal world, there would be a possibility of newcomers being introduced to the world of Overpower.

Are you interested in participating in Tournaments with real prizes? If we can get enough members to participate, this could very well be a reality! Join the Overpower Legion, and once enough people are on board, this could be organised!